Wondering how to handle a crisis? My name is Kamil and I’m here to help.

I am a Project Manager and a consultant for crisis and security management. I have over 15 years of extensive experience in Telco, Finance and FMCG industries.

Key skills

Crisis Management

Crisis management plans development
Audit and analysis of existing plans
Testing of Crisis Management capabilities
Business Continuity Management

Project Management

Project teams management
Project rescue and recovery
Audit of projects and programs

Information Security

Audit of security policies and procedures
Audit and securing of networks, systems, databases and applications
Secure architecture design & development

My Podcast (in Polish)

Będzie Kryzys – podcast about Crisis Management

In my podcast I talk about organizational Crisis Management. But there’s more! Often times I speak about project management, case studies, etc. If you understand Polish – have a listen!


Kamil posseses extensive knowledge as a PM. He’s an excellent professional both in Project Management as well as Crisis Management. He’s very creative in problem solving and is easy to work with. He is always effective and can be relied upon. It my great pleasure to recommend this true professional.

Witold Handzlik, Nokia

Thanks to Kamil’s knowledge and experience, difficult issues become simple, and seemingly unsolvable problems seem to be solved by themselves. Consulting with Kamil is a milestone even in the most complex projects. Kamil can look at things from the right perspective, quickly make the right decisions or lead his interlocutor to a solution. I really appreciate the fact that it is both objective and – when necessary – authoritarian. After discussing with him, you can be sure that you are going in the right direction. I highly recommend working with Kamil to all Project Managers who need someone experienced, committed and trusted to look at their work from the outside.

Joanna Skutkiewicz, Freelancer

I had the pleasure of working with Kamil on several critical projects done by Lucent / Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia. During this work, Kamil proved to be a reliable, businesslike and competent person. He was always well prepared, independent and professional. He can work with teams of all sizes, both local and international. I fully recommend Kamil as: Technical Project Manager and Project Manager

Marek Truchanowski, Nokia

During many years of cooperation, Kamil showed himself from the best side. Very high commitment, dealing with conflict and stressful situations, great team management, taking care of good relations with all sides of the project are just some of the features and skills that distinguish Kamil. Not to mention running the project itself – just a solid example of good work.

Andrzej Krytenko, Nokia